"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul." -Johann Sebastian Bach

Epiphany is a musical church! We have four musical groups:

  1. Adult Choir

  2. Children's Choir

  3. Folk Mass

  4. Bell Choir


Epiphany is blessed with a large number of fine voices and musicians. At least once a month, our adult choir performs a four-part piece of music during Sunday worship or on special holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Maundy Thursday.

The children and youth of Epiphany prepare songs for the congregation to enjoy at least once a month. These songs are simple but beautiful arrangements that showcase the talented voices of our children and youth. Such a delight for all!


On occasion, guitar-strummin' and mandolin-pickin' members of our congregation prepare a Folk Mass using songs from The Gathering hymnal and other folk music sources. Often, a flute, cello, and Chinese erhu join the milieu.


Epiphany has a very talented bell choir that performs at special occasions. If you can read music you can participate in bell choir! Our bell choir rings a 4-octave set of hand-bells that produce a pleasing and joyful noise. It is sublime!