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Bishop's Committee

The nine-member bishop’s committee is selected to assist the bishop in the governance of Epiphany and is responsible for its “temporal affairs.” They include the property, personnel, stewardship, program development and its oversight. The vicar and bishop’s warden are full members of the committee. The vicar is to be its chair and preside at the meetings but can appoint the warden to these roles. Nominees for the other seven positions are selected for three-year terms at the church’s annual meeting in January followed by the vicar’s forwarding their names to the bishop for approval. The committee elects its clerk and the church’s treasurer who may or may not be members. Meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30p.m. and can be attended by any parishioner. Minutes of the latest meeting are posted on a bulletin board in the parish hall. Links to the last three meetings are below.

Minutes and Bylaws
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  • November 2023 -

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  • Bylaws -

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