The nine-member bishop’s committee is Epiphany’s governing body responsible for its “temporal affairs.”  It consists of a Vicar, a Warden, and seven laypersons. They include the property, personnel, stewardship and program development and oversight.  The members are elected to three-year terms at the church’s annual meeting in January.  They in turn elect the scribe and treasurer, who may or may not be on the committee.  Meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 and can be attended by any parishioner.  Minutes of recent meetings are provided below.


William “Bill” Stone as Epiphany’s warden is the ranking member of the committee.  An important factor in his coming to Socorro in 1985 to join the math department of New Mexico Tech was Epiphany’s presence in the town.  He is a lifelong Episcopalian whose late father Dean had a second career as an ordained Episcopal priest.  One of his three siblings, Jennifer Allen, followed in their father’s footsteps also with a second career as an ordained priest.  Bill himself is licensed to give the sermon.  His sister Susan Stone is an Epiphany parishioner who regularly reads one of the lessons or is the intercessor for the Prayers of the People.  Bill has been Epiphany’s treasurer and now for four years, the warden. 


The other current members of the committee, in addition to Father Steve, are:

  • Ben Bankson, an Iowa native and retired journalist in the church-press field who after a half-century in New York City resettled in rural Lemitar just north of Socorro.

  • Laura Barker, a Texan and licensed mental-health counselor who is on the staff of Tech’s Counseling Center.

  • Eileen Comstock, originally from Washington, D.C., who at the Socorro General Hospital is the chief of the medical staff and medical director of home health and hospice.

  • Annie Danielsen, the committee’s scribe and Epiphany’s parish administrator (see “Our Staff”).

  • Bill Harris, a Wisconsinite who is the lead field staking technician for the Socorro Electric Cooperative.

  • Christine Kurtnaker, A Californian and librarian who worked at the New Mexico Tech library.

  • Fred Phillips, who comes from Bishop, Calif., and since 1981 has been part of Tech as a professor of hydrology in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, presently being a professor emeritus.                          

  • The treasurer named by the committee is now Stipo Sentic.  He was born in Bosnia but whose family was forced by the Balkan Wars of 1991-99 to resettle in Croatia.  He earned a doctorate in tropical meteorology from Tech in 2017 and then became a researcher at its Climate and Water Consortium.  His interest in singing in a choir brought him to Epiphany where his service has included being an acolyte and handling the technical aspects of the streamed Holy Eucharist services

Agendas & Minutes (which replace agendas as released)